"comic" about some weird people and their experience in what we like to call "life".

A pretty much stated "Graphic Novel" concept i've been working on for a while now. It consists of three people and follows them through a few years in their life, periodically through each of their eyes. The young sisters, growing into dysfunctional teenagers, then young adults; and the young man, a man with no morals or social standards whatsoever. These outstanding human beings leave heavy impact on other lives; this is a story about how one comes to understand the ties between everything we touch.

He never considers the consequence of his words and actions until he has to think about how other people's have affected his own life. Such is the blossoming of interpersonal relationships, falling in love, losing your mind, being enlightened, getting over trauma, experiencing trauma, drug use, romantic sexual encounters, and of course understanding that no one is actually alone in life (no matter how convincing it seems). This comic will have consistent adult content and confusing existential bullshit. I suggest 18+ for viewing age.


Hello world

posted by quetzacoatl on 3rd Mar 2011, 11:02 AM

So a few months ago i drew two comic pages. It was inspiring. Then i stopped. Then i started again. Now i haven't worked on it in a while but i do plan on it.


Anyways, my name is Carrie, i'm 18, i like stuff. Big into music. I have some linkage on the internet. Check it out, that'll probably tell you more about me than i can write.

This is my deviantart, for non-anthro artwork
This is my furaffinity page, for anthro artwork (contains NSFW if you have an account there)
This is a twitter that i use for updating commission info and comic info
This is my glorious

That's about it, i guess. As far as the comic is concerned: I'm drawing it on 8.5x11 smooth paper (think very thin bristol) with 4h pencils, then painted over with goauche, watercolor, ink, and graphite wash. I also photoshop everything very heavily. Get used to it, because it looks fucking neat.

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